Brady Caleb Wilkinson

As told by...himself.

Brady Caleb not fond of writing about himself in the third person. If you're reading this then either you are scouting the book, deciding whether or not you should read it, or you have already read it. If the former, then allow me to assure that I find it quite splendid (then again, I am biased). If the latter, then I sincerely thank you for your patronage! I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope to retain your interest through the duration of this series. Keep a weathered eye out for "The Dance of Dawn & Dusk: Day". Meta-absurdism and shameless self-promotion aside; my sincerest hope is that this work of fiction will help you better comprehend the machinations of the world, arming you with a more acute conceptual understanding of the forces that govern society. Hopefully this effort will inspire someone with a better mind than mine to do some actual material good in the real world. If I could directly impart a few words of wisdom it would be thus:

Life is for the bold. Be bold, be brave and that is what will make you beautiful and brilliant. You will fail and fall short many, many, many times but a life lived without regret or fear is a worthwhile one.

Peace and love to you brothers and sisters!